Your partner for a sustainable and successful seafood brand – from development to market support

We bring new value to your seafood business. From fishing and aquaculture, to product development, marketing and seeing the final product on the shelves or table: WerteWerk is your partner for innovative and sustainable seafood solutions. We’ll be with you every step along the value chain, optimising it and supporting you with your market launch and communications.


Holistic success is our motivation. Our WerteWerk teams in Germany and Vietnam have been working successfully in the seafood sector for over twenty years. At WerteWerk, you get decades of expertise in project management and consistent product development from a single source. The result: profitable business and sustainable success with a clear conscience and an enjoyable experience.

Product development & strategic sourcing

WerteWerk will be the perfect partner at your side as you develop your individual seafood brand. Our knowledge about product origin and husbandry is no coincidence – it’s due to working on a local level. We know the prices and their fluctuations, as well as alternative products and the trade itself. This is the only way to create added value over the entire development process and make sure it pays off for you.


Quality management & sustainability

The seafood sector moves a wide variety of products from all over the world, each with its own highly specific and complex background. The expectations of consumers and society are ever-changing, which means the seafood industry faces massive challenges. We will show you exactly how to use this dynamic to proactively increase value on all levels in a future-proof and sustainable manner.


Innovation & investment

Quality can only be guaranteed if the economic requirements of the producers are taken into account. This demands profitable and sustainable innovations. With the courage of our conviction, we finance some projects ourselves or find the right investors that match our values. Through the needs-based integration of production and trade (“joint marketing venture” and “backward integration”), we offer an attractive and fair marketing situation for all our partners.


Information & networks

We work with you to design the individual concept for your private label items, ensuring that the topic of “fish and seafood” remains transparent, interesting and attractive. For this reason, we proactively provide information on the origins, challenges, importance and sustainability of seafood. On the other hand, WerteWerk works with you as a customer to develop campaigns aimed at increasing the popularity of the selected products.

We stand for tangible values in fish and seafood production.

The WerteWerk concept for success

The WerteWerk concept for success includes all steps that are relevant and decisive for achieving success as you develop your own seafood brand. All of our processes interlink: from our initial contact with you as the client, through consulting, procurement and logistics for the entire value chain, all the way to the market appearance of your strong private label. Our unique approach, precisely tailored to your needs, capacities and structures, guarantees sustainable and value-based success.

About WerteWerk

With passion and precision, we monitor all the steps on the journey to your strong private label in seafood. Every process, every action is carefully examined and tailored to your specific situation and demands. We always act in a value-based and sustainable manner. Our goal is for all companies involved to prosper in the long term, by acting responsibly and prudently. This can only work out if all parties involved have an appreciative, value-preserving and value-creating relationship with their natural, social and business environment. And this is precisely what drives us every day.

With passion and precision to your successful private label seafood.

And what can we do for you?

If you are a food manufacturer, provide product ranges for the catering industry or are active in private label environments, then we are your partner for seafood. Give us a call!