Visions and values. And all that sets us apart.

Here at WerteWerk, we will do everything we can to ensure that you process, trade and enjoy seafood in good conscience.

Who we are.

WerteWerk GmbH advises companies and manages seafood-related projects. Much more than that, however, WerteWerk is a lived vision, an attitude. Supported by real values and people who embody these – in particular our two heads: Peter Niedermeier, the seafood scene expert, and biologist Dr Hans Stefan Bergleiter.

Thanks to their unique, value-based and holistic understanding of seafood, all those involved – managing directors, employees and network partners in many countries – ensure quality and sustainability, at all stages of the value chain. Our recipe for success is “backward integration”.

What matters to us.

Everyone is talking about sustainability right now. For us, sustainability means that a company is managed so responsibly and carefully that it thrives across generations. To achieve this, it must have an appreciative, value-preserving and value-creating relationship with its natural, social and business environment.

What matters to us is that seafood products meet the high societal expectations placed on them. That trade relations are durable. And that all parties involved can proudly live out their corporate values. With our many years of experience in international trade and our local commitment, this is what we stand for.

Who is behind this.

We want your seafood value chain to be as successful in the long term as our flagship projects. Dr Hans Stefan Bergleiter developed the first international organic aquaculture ventures in Europe, South America and South-East Asia. Under the direction of Peter Niedermeier, the first projects for certified pangasius and extensive mangrove shrimp, which are produced by groups of small farmers in the Mekong Delta, were created. Let us introduce you to the visionaries of WerteWerk.

Peter Niedermeier

CEO / Founder

Dr Hans Stefan Bergleiter

Manager Corporate Responsibility and Innovation

Who supports us.

Seafood production is a very complex topic, not at least due to its globalised product flows. In such a sensitive product area, there are countless details to consider. The fact that we can meet this challenge is also due to our network partners of many years.
No matter if aquaculture or fishing, feed production, breeding technology or hygiene requirements for processing and export – our network includes experts for every single topic along the value chain.

Let’s set new standards together on how to handle the precious resource of seafood in an ethical manner.

Do you have any questions?

There is hardly a topic within the seafood sector we cannot deal with. But if we happen not to have the information you need readily available then we’ll find the perfect solution for you together with our network partners. That’s a promise.