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Being present on site is the prerequisite for optimum quality management. That is why we operate locally – where it matters.

WerteWerk in Vietnam.

WerteWerk Vietnam Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary of WerteWerk GmbH, which is based in Germany. Our local team consists of 24 experts who accompany the production of high-quality, sustainable seafood products, from breeding on the farm in Vietnam to processing and export.

Sustainability, quality and fairness are among our most important corporate values. For this reason, it is essential for us to have a significant influence on production right at the beginning of the value chain. That is why we have been working with our partner companies in Vietnam for many years.

Our services on site.

Sustainable aquaculture and constant quality management are the main focus of our work in Vietnam. Our experienced team of fish farming experts and food technologists accompanies all production steps from fish and shrimp breeding, feed production and post-breeding to processing and export – all in a project-related manner and according to customer requirements.

Investments and market access

WerteWerk Vietnam acts in the interests of smallholder farms and certified partner companies. To ensure high quality and continued access to the international market, it is crucial to create a secure and fair economic framework for the seafood producers. For instance, this may include organising the pre-financing of production and certification together with the customers.


Political and social commitment

Together with Vietnamese organisations, we are committed to the development of sustainable aquaculture and organic agriculture in Vietnam. The reforestation of mangrove forests, social and fair trade standards for small farmers, the production of domestic animal feed and the strengthening of the Vietnamese market for organic food, such as in the “Mekong Organic” project, are important areas in this context.


Project activities

GTogether with European and international organisations, we are working on the development and real-life testing of future-orientated technical approaches. The use of duckweed as a local raw material for fodder, the welfare-friendly slaughter of pangasius or the integration of organic rice cultivation with organic aquaculture are just a few of them.


Market development for sustainable products

Developing the local and international market for sustainable, certified seafood products requires lasting, enthusiastic commitment: therefore, constant interaction with producers, customers and consumers as well as organising tastings, trade fair appearances and events are important tasks of WerteWerk.


Only those who act in a fair and sustainable manner locally can also be successful globally in the long run and have a clear conscience.

Our products.

New values for the seafood business – that is our mission.
And it starts with fishing, aquaculture and farming.

Pangasius from sustainable aquaculture

This fish with few bones and firm, mild flesh is very popular all over the world today. This is also the reason why the fish, native to the Mekong River, is now produced in huge quantities at aquaculture sites across Vietnam. With flagship projects like our organic pangasius farm in Long Xuyen, we are developing innovative approaches to the sustainability and quality of this important economic sector.

Prawns from extensive mangrove aquaculture

The combination of large-scale mangrove reforestation projects with extensive shrimp aquaculture, where the animals do not need to be fed due to the low stocking densities, is unique for the Vietnamese coastal zone. For 15 years, WerteWerk Vietnam has been supporting this ecologically extremely valuable form of aquaculture, which is run by groups of small farmers. Their “black tiger”, “white” and “pink” shrimp now have a permanent presence on the international market for organic and ASC products.

Garnelen WerteWerk

Shrimp from semi-intensive and intensive farms

Further inland, outside the mangrove zone, it is mainly the white-legged shrimp that is produced in aquaculture in Vietnam. Our partner farms are ASC and/or GlobalGAP certified and thus demonstrably guarantee the ecological sustainability of production and compliance with high social standards.

Produkte WerteWerk

Product development for innovative food solutions

Vietnam offers a real wealth of various kinds of seafood. Fish such as gourami, tilapia and barramundi are produced in aquaculture, while fisheries produce mussels and tuna. These are processed into innovative ready meals, finger food and food solutions by many small and medium-sized artisanal businesses. Our local experts will be happy to advise you.


We organise international certifications along the entire value chain. We support and promote ecologically active smallholders within the framework of “group certifications”.

Sustainability, quality and fairness are among our most important corporate values.

The team of WerteWerk Vietnam

Our highly qualified, young team in Vietnam consists of 24 employees including aquaculture and food technicians.

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Antoine Bui

General manager
WerteWerk Vietnam Co. Ltd.

Dan Nguyen

Director QM and R&D
WerteWerk Vietnam Co. Ltd.

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